Here are some tricks you can use to mask your balding.

These are to create more of an illusion, not cure hair loss. Use this while your hair is in the process of growing back with the information given here or here


Comb Overcomb over for baldness comb over for balding

If you are balding in the scalp area but you have sufficient hair on the sides, you should try the comb over. Simply comb the hair over the balding spot and wallah, gone! The only problem you are going to run into is wind. Wind can expose your balding unexpectedly. To prevent this, use a strong gel to keep your hair in place. You don’t have to use an extremely shiny gel but just something strong to keep the hair in place. Hair spray will also work.

Electrostatically Charged Fiberselectrostatic hair product

These high tech charged fibers sprinkle on to your hair to cover up balding areas. The special invisible charged fibers make hair statically attracted to your head and will hide any relatively small balding areas. Do a quick google search to find this product.

spray on hair menThe Spray

If you are extremely desperate for hair growth then spray on hair is your best bet if you have some balding. This isn’t supposed to be used if half of your hair has vanished but if you have a small patch then it will do fine, maybe. These types of spray on hair aren’t the same as spray paint. They are tiny colored 3D fibers that stick to your head. Remember for this method, less is more.

The spray is also available to women


Proper Drying and Brushinghair dryer women hair hide balding

Correctly drying your hair can drastically change the way you look. After a shower, it is better to use a blow dryer than to let it air dry. Blow dry your hair to one side and run your fingers from the root through the tips. Last, brush your hair to the desired direction to cover the balding areas. If you let your hair air dry then it will become frizzy which makes your hair look thinner, revealing balding areas. Bigger hair with a lot of volume works much better at covering bald areas too.


General rules for covering a thinning hairline are as follows

If the skin tone of your scalp is lighter, go for a lighter shade

If the skin tone of your scalp is darker go for a darker shade

Think about it. If you have lighter skin with black hair, the bald areas will be seen extremely easily. Visa versa.

wig to cover balding womenWigs

If your balding is more severe around the forehead and temple, wigs may be the perfect instant solution. You can either opt for hair pieces or wigs that cover the scalp, or both. There is a huge variety of different wigs to choose from (texture, color, length, real, synthetic). Wigs may be your best solution if all else fails.




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